Michigan State University
Michigan State University
English Language Center
International Teaching Assistant Program

ENG 097 ITA Speaking and Listening

Fall 2017

Instructor - Zeynep Altinsel
353-3062, 130B Chittenden Hall

ENG 097 Syllabus


  1. Communicate, by J. Smith, C. Meyers and A. Burkhalter
  2. Targeting Pronunciation, book and tapes/CDs, by Sue Miller
  3. MSU TA Handbook
  4. Digital voice recorder
  5. Mic/Headsets
  6. TEAM Program website grad.msu.edu/tap/team
  7. TA Program website grad.msu.edu/tap
  8. A textbook for an undergraduate class that you might teach (student provides)

* The resources are loaned to the students for the semester.

This is an English speaking and listening class for international teaching assistants. The course will provide systematic practice in three areas of spoken English relevant to classroom instruction:

* English pronunciation 
* English used in making classroom presentations 
* English used in "class management"

The class will meet four and a half hours per week for ten weeks with the instructor. Additionally, all students will meet with TEAM tutors for one hour of pronunciation drills on the TEAM program.

For extra speaking practice students will be assigned a free personal tutor.

The final class grade will be "P" (pass) or "NP" (no pass). To obtain a "P" students must complete all homework assignments satisfactorily and have no more than 4 unexcused absences. When the class ends, students with a "P" will take the English Language Center's ITA Oral Interview. Students who pass the interview satisfy MSU's TA English requirement and are cleared for teaching.

Students who do not complete all homework assignments or who have more than four unexcused absences will receive a class grade of "NP" and not be permitted to take the ITA Oral Interview. The only excused absence is illness documented by a doctor's note. Being 10 minutes late to three classes will count as an absence. Students must return their books (Communicate), Digital Voice Recorders, Mic/Headsets to the TA Office before they can take the ITA Oral Interview.