Program Description 

The English Language Center has developed business English programs for both undergraduate business majors and business professionals in a variety of fields. These programs are designed for non-native English speakers who want to develop effective communication skills in business situations. Participants will learn English language skills for communicating in the workplace, with business contacts, and in cross-cultural situations. 

picture of a man in a suit presenting, a man is seen sitting to his right and smiling

Course Content:

Business English programs help participants:

  • Improve their communication strategies in English
  • Develop inclusive discussion skills
  • Practice team-working skills
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Give presentations with more ease
  • Learn how to develop networking strategies
  • Learn to write emails that are clear and concise in English
  • Learn useful and professional language that will make your resume stand out
  • Gain confidence in using English to be successful in the interviewing process
  • Develop a personal plan for continued improvement in English

Additional Program Components:

  • Experience seminars given by professionals from different workplace settings
  • Attend field trips to local businesses and workplace settings
  • Interact with business students and professionals
  • Create a professional development plan based on your own personal needs
  • Integration into ELC Intensive English Program courses

Program Development and Costs:

  • Business English programs are developed by ELC Special Program coordinators in collaboration with university and corporate partners
  • ELC Special Program coordinators and faculty work with MSU academic departments and local businesses to provide program content that is catered to the needs of each partner
  • The ELC will arrange on-campus housing and meals for Business English program participants
  • Please contact ELC External Programs Coordinator Mark Albee at to discuss the development of a program and for information about program costs

Housing Information

Participants may be housed on campus in either single or double occupancy rooms in an MSU residence hall. 

  • Single-occupancy rooms may be available in Owen Hall. You can watch a virtual tour of residence hall on the Owen Hall website.
picture of a red brick dormitory with autumn colored trees and bikes at a bike rack
  • Double occupancy rooms may also be available in the undergraduate residence halls such as Akers Hall, Holmes Hall, Akers Hall, Butterfield Hall, and Rather Hall. You can tour all the residence halls in the Live On website.
picture of the Butterfield dorm, the building is white and has a lot of large windows

Contact Information

Mark Albee, External Programs Coordinator

517-884-4322 (office)