Course Description 

Global Business English is a course designed to give business professionals the language and communication skills they need to succeed in a global economy. Using approaches and methodologies tested by years of practice, the instructors in this course will guide you through relevant concepts and activities meant to sharpen the way you understand communication at the workplace, be it written or oral. While this course can be beneficial for anyone, it has been expressly designed for entry-level professionals (zero to two years of experience working in a company) with a level of English proficiency of at least Intermediate.

Course Goals:

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  • utilize Positive Communication Strategies to improve relationships and network building.
  • explain professional history and current job role using current key concepts and vocabulary.
  • identify personal language difficulties and create a personalized development plan.
  • identify expectations related to business email writing and presentations.
  • craft communication around action points and goals that can be executed by your audience in both oral and written work.
  • identify key characteristics of your intended audience and adapt your communication appropriately in both oral and written work. 
  • analyze and respond to complex situations in ways that create positive outcomes.
  • apply a personalized English language development plan to continue language improvement.

Course Components

  • Week 1: Positive Communication Strategies 
  • Weeks 2 & 3: Creating Clarity in Pronunciation
  • Weeks 4 & 5: Delivering Effective Presentations
  • Week 6: Dealing with Difficult Situations 
  • Week 7: Writing Effective Emails 
  • Week 8: Overcoming Individual Language Difficulties

Business English Program Development and Costs:

  • Business English programs are developed by ELC faculty and Special Program coordinators in collaboration with university and corporate partners
  • Please contact ELC External Programs Coordinator Mark Albee at to discuss program availability and costs

Contact Information

Mark Albee, External Programs Coordinator

517-884-4322 (office)