Who is this program for?

Students with regular or provisional admission to MSU or another U.S. university or with permission of the Michigan State University English Language Center.

What is this program like?

  • It is designed for academically bound undergraduate and graduate level students.
  • It helps students who may have concerns about studying in the USA.
  • It includes the following topics: Integrating into Campus Life, Classroom Culture, Understanding Spoken English, Written Communication, Oral Presentations, and Campus and Community Resources.

By joining PAL, you will have the opportunity to do the following:

  1. Make connections and build networks at MSU. The other students in your cohort can be a good support system once classes begin.
  2. Develop a student perspective.  By participating in discussions with former PAL students, asking questions, hearing about their experiences, both socially and academically, gaining invaluable insights.
  3. Attend specialized guest lecture workshops.  A few examples are: academic reading and writing, MSU Writing Center, MSU Library, “Effective Teamwork and Communication.”
  4. Gain practical classroom experience.  The class is discussion focused and group work centered which prepares you for small and mid-sized classes at MSU.
  5. Learn about your new world. Through activities and group work, you will become familiar with MSU’s vast physical campus and the city of East Lansing, including places to study, socialize, exercise, or see a film.

PAL Video 

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Take a look at the PAL Course Description

*This course does not apply towards eliminating ‘Provisional’ Admission Status at MSU.

Program Details

Program Dates: Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 16, 2024

Applications and payments due by June 1, 2024

Costs: $1,600: Includes tuition, mandatory insurance, and fees (books and housing are not included)

Pay at https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3919

Housing: You may arrange on-campus housing at Owen Hall through us. The cost will be approximately $50 per day, which includes a single room with a shared bath. The cost of housing will be billed directly to you through your MSU account. Availability is limited, so please request assistance with housing as early as possible. 

See flyer for more details and student comments

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Student Testimonials

Bolivia, Graduate Student, 2019

Spartans from ancient Greece were known as fearless warriors and I can almost imagine them training and getting ready for a great battle. Things haven’t changed much for Spartans nowadays, although they live in Michigan, they still prepare themselves for daunting challenges. This is how the PAL Program helped me become a Spartan.

PAL is a well thought out and designed Program for International students, providing the opportunity to conscientiously prepare yourself for success. PAL itself is a process by which you 1) become aware of the challenges that you might face as a student 2) expand your horizons through the resources you receive, academically and socially speaking 3) get practical experience and finally 4) become accountable for your academic performance for the rest of your Spartan life.

South Korea, Graduate Student, 2018

I am a very introverted person. It was a huge challenge for me to actively participate in American academic and social contexts although I understood its importance. What I really appreciate about PAL is that it slowly empowered me to develop self-leadership so that I could more naturally engage in my graduate program. PAL equipped me with several essential soft skills for a long-term academic commitment, which are still growing in my mind. Not only supporting my transition period to be successful, but also, more importantly, PAL encouraged me to take good care of myself throughout the first year of graduate program.

Thailand, Graduate Student, 2018

I joined the program in 2018. The program provided me with essential skills which helped make me feel less nervous about living and studying in USA culture. The second year in the USA is easier for me, and I feel like I fit in with the culture and am ready for the coming semester.

Wells Classroom Multiple Students

No-Show or Withdrawal from PAL

Should the course participant fail to show up for the language course once it has begun or withdraw from the course, he/she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement of payments already effected.

Contact Information

Mark Albee

Mark Albee, External Programs Coordinator


517-884-4322 (Office)

 Carol Arnold, PAL Instructor


517-884-0938 (Office)