Teaching Assistantships

The English Language Center (ELC) anticipates having Teaching Assistant (TA) positions for the next Academic Year (1/2 time, Fall/Spring semesters). TAs in the ELC may assist with curriculum projects, materials/special project development, and other center work. Depending on ELC student enrollment, there may be opportunities to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students. (See tentative conditions of employment below for more details).

Preference will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria

  • Enrollment in the MA TESOL program
  • Classroom language teaching experience
  • Strong academic record
  • L1 English OR Meets the language proficiency requirements outlined below

Tentative Conditions of Employment

A half-time teaching assistantship entails 20 hours of work per week (including generally 8 contact teaching hours; other ELC duties may replace some teaching) in fall and spring semesters.

In addition to the contact hours, all TAs are required to:

  1. enroll in LLT 822, LLT 895, and either LLT 807 or LLT 860 during the first semester of their appointment at the ELC (Fall semester only)  If you have questions regarding course selection and sequence, please consult with MA TESOL Program Director. (Note: this course requirement applies to MA TESOL students. Students in other graduate programs may be required to take one or more of the courses listed above.) 
  2. be available for service to the ELC from the beginning date of the appointment through the end date of the appointment
  3. participate in weekly skills coordination meetings covering matters such as curriculum implementation, lesson planning, assessment, curricular goals, scope and sequence, etc. (If applicable)
  4. attend and participate in teaching section meetings (If applicable)
  5. attend ELC workshops and other professional development required by the ELC
  6. attend scheduled meetings
  7. participate in orientations at various times as required by the ELC, CAL, and/or the Graduate School
  8. fulfill pre-semester, mid-semester, and end of semester testing/evaluation responsibilities (If applicable)
  9. maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher to be eligible to reapply for a second year as a TA.

Please note the following important information

  • Appointments are limited to 2 years (4 semesters) for MA students and 3 years (6 semesters) for Ph.D. students. Summers are excluded in these calculations.
  • There is no guarantee of summer employment.  Teaching Assistants desiring summer teaching employment can speak to the Associate Director of the ELC in charge of filling summer teaching positions. In most cases, summer teaching positions are considered Semester Hire (fixed term, part time) positions rather than Teaching Assistant positions.
  • In exceptional circumstances, a Teaching Assistant may be offered an appointment without going through the usual application and/or interview process.  If you did not submit any materials as part of your previous appointment, you need to provide two to three letters regarding your teaching or related work experience, with at least one of those letters reflecting your recent ELC teaching experience.

Step One

Graduate Assistant Interest Form

Directions: Use the Interest Form to apply for Graduate Assistant Positions within the ELC, CeLTA, LiLaC, and RCS. Interest Form due date and other important information contained within the form. Applicants must have their application materials to the MA TESOL program submitted by December 8, 2023 for priority consideration for a teaching assistantship with the English Language Center. Assistantships will remain open until filled. 

Upload a CV/Resume that includes

  • Detailed information about your professional teaching experience.
  • Full list of your teaching positions that include the following information:
    • location, time period, full or part-time, level of students, course(s) taught, class size, age group, responsibilities (e.g., lesson planning, textbook selection, curriculum development), and any other relevant information.

Step Two

Submit the following letters and/or documentation to Dustin De Felice, defelic5@msu.edu

  • For those not currently teaching as a Teaching Assistant at the ELC, please submit one to two letters of recommendation regarding your teaching or related work experience. These may be sent directly to the ELC from the recommender; either submit them digitally to Dustin De Felice at defelic5@msu.edu or mail them to Dustin De Felice, ELC TA Search Committee Chair at the ELC address below. Those applying for reappointment as a Teaching Assistant need to resubmit/update their application and CV to reflect recent teaching experience. Additionally, one new letter of recommendation that reflects recent ELC experience must be submitted.
  • For international students, please include copies of your relevant test scores.
    • All students whose first language is not English must provide evidence of:
      • TOEFL score of 111 or above (iBT) with a speaking subscore of 27 or higher; 273 or above (computer-based test); or 640 or above (paper test).  No score may be older than 2 years old.
      • An IELTS band score of 8 with a speaking subscore of 8 or higher will be considered in lieu of a TOEFL score.  No score may be older than 2 years old.
      •  SPEAK/TSE test score of 60.  No score may be older than 2 years old.
      • Personal or video call (Zoom) interview (to be arranged if applicant meets other criteria)

 For any questions or additional information, please contact elc@msu.edu