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Looking for more speaking opportunities to practice English? We bring them to you in a goal-driven language improvement program!



We enjoyed talking to the people who registered for EPIC 2021. It was entirely virtual. Face-to-face communication through Zoom was better than mask-to-mask communication in a room!

Here are some comments from recent participants in EPIC:

“This program helped me a lot in acknowledging American culture, and I hope it will help more people in the coming semester. It gives us an occasion where people from different backgrounds respect and talk with each other.”

Li Wei

“This is a great program! I love the team.”


“Great appreciation for this EPIC program and I really enjoyed it!”


“I think the program is useful and meaningful to me. I can feel my English is better than months before. Especially, I think teachers did really excellent jobs. It was a really happy experience with all participants.”


“Thank you very much for conducting the EPIC program every year. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I learned a lot from all the instructors and my classmates! I am grateful and truly appreciate the effort that the instructors put towards constructing each and every lesson plan for us. I would like to return next year as well.”


Our teachers have adapted very well to the virtual format. They continue to address important topics such as –

  • Appropriate topics for starting a conversation
  • Ways to keep a conversation going
  • Small talk
  • The elevator pitch!
  • How to disagree politely and offer a different opinion in a discussion
  • Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for daily English conversation in person or online.

Just a few of the benefits of learning English with EPIC:

  • All levels of ability are welcome!
  • Experienced teachers and native-speaking conversation partners
  • Opportunities for speaking practice.

EPIC will return in the spring of 2022. Please watch this website for information. WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE A QUESTION?

Contact Dr. Debra Hardison at hardiso2@msu.edu for more information.

EPIC Photos

Photos from throughout the years the program has run.