The English Language Center provides instruction to international students who need to improve their English language skills before beginning academic course work. The ELC also serves the international community by providing English language instruction against a backdrop of American life and academia.

The ELC has a number of different language and culture programs for students who want to improve their English skills by studying in an English speaking environment.

Intensive English Program  

This program helps international students improve their English language abilities through full-time course work within the English Language Center. It provides instruction in English grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and special content-based courses.

English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses at Michigan State University help international students improve their English language abilities through credit-bearing language courses taught by English Language Center faculty.

Online Academic English Program

The Online Academic English Program (OAEP) is an online version of the English Language Center English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses. These courses are designed to prepare international students for the language demands of university-level academic work, as well as to socialize them to US academic practices, culture, and expectations.

International Teaching Assistant Program

The International Teaching Assistant Program helps prepare non-native English speaking international graduate students to function effectively as teaching assistants in their departments.  The program facilitates an understanding of the cultural norms of the American educational context as well as the English language skills necessary for effective classroom communication.