The MSU Global Mindset Program is a customizable program designed to foster global awareness and cultural competence through English conversation, guest presentations and MSU English Language Center coursework. All coursework will focus on helping students develop their oral communication skills in English.

Course Structure

Students will take part in two classes, guest presentations and conversation hours as part of this course:

Cross-Cultural Communication

In this class, students will define culture, review the fundamentals of cross-cultural communication, develop their own sense of cultural awareness, and begin to apply this understanding toward establishing a global mindset for use in their future studies and work life. Students should expect to practice English speaking skills through in-class contributions and a final presentation, as well as exercise reading, listening, and note-taking skills through out of class assignments.

Current Events

In this class, students and their classmates will choose current news stories to explore and discuss. They’ll have a chance to present the news stories they have selected in small groups in each session and then to lead discussions with the larger group. They will be expected to summarize, respond to, and discuss the news items, as well as the cross-cultural elements within the articles.

Guest Presentations

Students will attend presentations by a variety of guest speakers who will introduce their experiences as international professionals who have worked and/or studied in the U.S., and they will have opportunities to ask questions of the guest speakers about their experiences.

Conversation Hours

This course also includes one conversation hour per week in which students will have a chance to interact more informally with MSU students and/or faculty.

Program Placements

Intermediate English proficiency as determined by the online MSU English Language Test (MSUELT) is required to take part in the program.

Program Costs

The average cost of the Global Mindset Program is $500 to $1,000 per participant. Program costs are dependent upon the length of the program and the number of participants enrolled. This cost includes program materials, course enrollment, and access to MSU online instructional tools.

The Online Global Mindset Program will be able to accommodate up to 20 students per section. A minimum of 10 students will be required in order to run a program.

Applications and payments are due two weeks prior to the start of the program.

Customized Programs

Please contact Mark Albee at for information about program dates and to discuss customizing an Online Global Mindset Program.