Interested in conducting research in the ELC?

MSU Affiliation

MSU-affiliated students and faculty members who want to do research in the ELC must contact Dr. Daniel Reed and Dr. Debra Hardison before recruiting participants.  Drs. Reed and Hardison will document the requests by specifying levels/sections involved, amount of class time taken up, number of students affected, and verifying approval by IRB or course instructor.

Once approval is received from Drs. Reed and Hardison, the researcher may proceed with the recruiting plan that was approved by the IRB.  Please note that  teachers can refuse the request even if the project has been approved by the IRB and the ELC.  Similarly, students can refuse to participate or opt out of the project at any time.

Non-MSU Affiliation

Outside researchers (nonMSU-affiliated) must submit their requests by mid-October for Fall access and by mid-March for Spring.  Recruiting and data collection by outside researchers when approved is limited to the latter part of the semester.  Researchers will be notified on November 1 for fall semester data collections and by April 1 for research in the spring.