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Young Adult Literature 2 –Week Summer Program at Michigan State University (see flyer)
Arrive East Lansing- July 6, 2014
Departure through Chicago with group-July 22, 2014

Use YA Literature to engage students in meaningful & authentic use of English

The Young Adult Literature and ESL Methods Program is a teacher-training program offered by the English Language Center at Michigan State University.

The main focus of this program is to educate teachers on ways to best utilize young-adult literature in the ESL classroom. Through this program, teachers will learn why the use of Young Adult literature is so successful, and will receive hands on training on how to select appropriate books, incorporate interesting activities, and evaluate their effectiveness.

The instructors will be English Language Center instructors as well as guest lecturers from MSU and the surrounding area. Participants will visit local educational sites and will enjoy guest presentations from locally known experts in the field of literature.

Contact: Carol Wilson-Duffy at for more details!