July’s Kind of from the Horse’s Mouth

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Here’s the July email blast on a variety of topics including Upcoming Events, Things to Know, and Other Fun Information

Upcoming Events

Join the 2020 Virtual Summer of Service Challenge today to earn service hours, engage in a variety of service projects, get involved in different communities, earn awards, and have fun!

Center for Community Engaged Learning has opportunities to earn service hours toward the Spartan Volunteer Service Award! Have students who are interested? Send them to register here!

Missed the meeting today? That’s ok, the recording from today’s meeting is ready for viewing. Go to the shared faculty folder to access the link. 

Things to Know

I would like to extend my thanks to Dave Ragan for his time, contributions, and expertise while at the ELC for so many years (11 to be exact!). I appreciate all he has done during the time I have worked in the ELC. Since we can’t meet in person right now, please fill up his email with best wishes and thanks. I also recommend viewing the ELC Open Meeting Recording where faculty and staff were able to share time together with Dave!

Interested in reading more about online language learning? I have an article for you: Planned online language education versus crisis‐prompted online language teaching: Lessons for the future. Written by MSU’s own Senta Goertler, Adam Gacs, and Shannon Spasova.

Still wondering how to best offer your classes going forward? Check out Clemson University’s Visuals on Classroom Models. Lots of options to choose from or think about.

Other Fun Information

Thought about teaching in Brazil? The Fulbright Commission in Brazil is offering an award that covers travel and living expenses for a three or four-month stay or two stays of two months each. Deadline to submit your application is September 15, 2020.

I am very happy to announce another private language scholarship specifically for language study in the ELC: The Leslie Crain Memorial Scholarship. Submissions due by October 1st.

If you have events that I missed, please add them to this shared Google Doc. Be sure to help me fill up each section with anything related to the ELC or our students in terms of upcoming events, things to know, and other fun information.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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