New IAH Course Offered by ELC Faculty

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Peter Hoffman is offering a new IAH course in FS20. His course, IAH 207 Literatures, Cultures, Identities, focuses on Poetry for Daily Life and the power and beauty of words.

So many of us can name our favorite movie or our favorite actor, yet very few of us can name our favorite poem or poet. After taking this course, students will join the very few. 

Peter Hoffman, IAH 207 for FS20

This incredible course will cover the following areas. For many people in today’s culture, poetry is the forgotten art. We enjoy music, dance, movies, novels, and even the visual arts, but we often think of poetry as an acquired taste – not for us! In this course, we will learn to reclaim the lost art of poetry – to notice and appreciate the beauty and power of the words all around us. As we pay close attention to the world and the words and the voices of those around us, we will see that we are not alone in trying to make sense of the overload of data coming into our heads in the information age, and that we may even have a small part to add to the great conversation.