New IAH Course Offered by ELC Faculty – IAH 231A

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Carol Wilson-Duffy, Carol Arnold, and Leah Addis are offering a new IAH course in FS20. Their course, IAH 231A Human Values Arts & Humanities, focuses on testing our knowledge of the world and exploring our unconscious biases.

This incredible course covers the following areas: With curiosity, humility, and empathy we explore and expand knowledge of ourselves and the world. Through humanistic thinking, we ask productive questions, seek multiple points of view, critically examine history, and question our own perception of reality. Through engaging with artistic expression, we experience the perspectives of others, share knowledge of the world, and inspire conversations about human truths. In this course, through collaboratively reading and responding to Hans Rosling’s 2018 book, “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World—and Why Things Are Better Than You Think,” we will test our knowledge of the world and explore our unconscious biases. We will build the critical thinking and communication skills we all need as individuals, learners, professionals, and global citizens.