ELC Students Awarded Scholarships for Studying English

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What do a soccer coach and mother have in common? They were both featured in Paul Etim and Henry Etim’s submissions for two scholarships. Paul Etim received the Dr. Senta Goertler Mentoring Recognition Scholarship for 2020. Henry Etim received the Andrés Determination and Resilience Scholarship for 2020.

As Paul mentioned in his submission, he was grateful to have someone who mentored him early in his life.

My mentor set the foundation in my life to have solid career direction and advice to assist with everyday life circumstances. My mentor was a person who provided me with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback I needed to focus in my career.

Paul Etim on his soccer coach as one his life mentors

Henry talked about the influence his mother has continued to have on him.

The influential person in my life is my mother. I am a twin and my twin brother’s name is Paul Etim. My mother taught me so many things in my life. She teaches me how to forgive someone and how to say sorry to someone I did wrong to.

Henry Etim on his mother as one of his most influential people in his life

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