ELC Faculty as Invited Speakers at MITESOL 2020

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On Saturday, November 7th, Larry Zwier, Mark Albee, Patricia Walters, and Dustin De Felice gave an invited speaker talk on post-secondary Intensive English Programs and their future.


Post-secondary ESL programs are experiencing full-force the great current upheavals in education. We teach via machine and around national firewalls to students half a world away. Our colleges and universities face record budget shortfalls. Even before the pandemic, enrollment had been shriveling because of political and cultural desiccants, foreign and domestic. Yet here we are,  determined to see it through. But how? This presentation lays out broad strategies and specific tactics for a post-secondary ESL program to survive—and even thrive—under such conditions.  The presenters draw on their experiences and on a variety of reported cases at colleges and universities around the United States.

MITESOL Conference

In a typical year, a presentation or talk at a conference would be a one time event. With the conference moving online this year, their talk is available for the next ninety days if you are a member of MITESOL. Not a member? You can support this important Michigan professional organization here.