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Join course instructor Kimberly Benedicto for the Online Certificate in TESOL Practicum course. Working individually, course participants will conduct a series of online observations, write lesson plans, design activities and materials for instruction, and teach several tasks, activities, and lessons delivered in asynchronous and synchronous formats. The development of materials and the teaching portion will include multiple modalities, as some prospective teachers are more interested in online environments while others are more interested in teaching in a traditional classroom. 

Unlike some of the other Online Certificate in TESOL courses, the Practicum Course can only be taken after completing three prerequisite classes, Foundations of Language Teaching, Introduction to Second Language Learning, and Pedagogical Grammar. Like the other Online Certificate in TESOL courses, however, the Practicum is a fully online course that you can take from anywhere in the world. The Practicum facilitator will work with you individually to help you coordinate teaching observations, design and teach lessons, complete reflections. The facilitator will also provide individualized feedback on your lesson plans and teaching.

For more information or to apply, please visit the Online Certificate in TESOL website.

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