Research Project from an ELC Partner

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Research Project from an ELC Partner

Improving second language pedagogy

Dr. Shawn Loewen is a Professor in MSU’s Department of Linguistics and German, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages and he knows how hard it is to learn a language! Through his research examining the effectiveness of teaching methods, instruction, and popular apps and platforms for language study, he is determined to make learning a language easier and more accessible.

“These platforms can be really powerful to help learners connect with people and communicate through the studied language. Essentially, our goal was to see how it’s working and how it can be made better,” Loewen said.

Dr. Loewen and his colleagues plan to continue their research and in-depth analysis of the linguistic data and a systematic investigation of web-based language learning and language learning apps. You can support Dr. Loewen’s work through the Excellence in Education fund.

Dr. Loewen is a treasured partner for the ELC and we are happy to share his great work on language learning.

Congratulations on continuing this wonderful work in our field!