Monique Yoder Co-Publishes in the Routledge Handbook of SLA & Testing

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We are pleased to share that Monique Yoder’s recent co-publication with Magali Paquot and Stefan Th. Gries in the Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Language Testing is now available. Their chapter, Measuring Lexicogrammar, provides a short history of how second language acquisition and language testing have approached lexicogrammar and reviews direct and indirect methods that have been used to measure L2 learners’ knowledge of lexicogrammar. They emphasize the importance of conceptualizing lexicogrammar as a construct unto itself rather than a summative collapse of the lexis and grammar constructs and underscore the need to incorporate context and purpose when designing scoring rubrics for performance tests.

This handbook was edited by Dr. Paula Winke and Tineke Brunfaut and contains multiple contributions from the faculty and students of the Second Language Studies doctoral program at MSU including:

  • Chapter 1 – “Perspectives on ‘Knowing’ a Second Language” by Paula Winke and Tineke Brunfaut
  • Chapter 16 – “Measuring Working Memory” by Zhisheng (Edward) Wen, Alan Juffs, and Paula Winke
  • Chapter 21 – “Measuring Lexicogrammar” by Magali Paquot, Stefan Th. Gries, and Monique Yoder
  • Chapter 22 – “Measuring Grammar” by Patti Spinner
  • Chapter 28 – “Measuring L2 Writing” by Hyung-Jo Yoon and J. Dylan Burton

We invite you to review Monique and her co-contributor’s work and that of the other chapters in this impressive handbook.

Congratulations, Monique!