OLT Initiative Adds Custom Workshops to Repertoire

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The Online Language Teaching Initiative continues to add depth to the resources, courses, and services it offers. Expanding on its popular, 6-week Fundamentals of Online Language Teaching course and its array of more specialized courses, the OLT now offers customizable professional development workshops for units and language departments.

With this new offering, the OLT Initiative seeks to fill various professional development niches. Though language instructors may have interest, many lack the time, resources, or energy to participate in a multiple-week-long course. A program director or department chair may also be looking to bring their entire faculty up to speed on a specific online practice in a short period of time. The OLT’s team of experts is set to work with any group to design and deliver a custom workshop to meet any needs.

Workshop Options

  • Online, hybrid, or in-person delivery (due to COVID, only online delivery is available at this time)
  • Flexible delivery format, ranging from a simple synchronous workshop to a multi-day scaffolded learning experience that includes a mix of synchronous and asynchronous components
  • Negotiable modality, content, and learning objectives (established through consultation with the workshop facilitator)


Those interested may use the contact form on the OLT website or email them at olt@cal.msu.edu to set up a consultation with a member of their team of experts


For an example of a workshop we’ve conducted in the past, please see the embedded content below or follow this link: Balancing Asynchronous & Synchronous Online Instruction for Language Classes.