July’s Kind of from the Horse’s Mouth

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A Monthly Blast on Upcoming Events, Things to Know, and Other Fun Information

Here’s the July blast on a variety of topics. 

Upcoming Events 

2022 Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Experiences (Mid-SURE) will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 from 8:30am to 4:30pm ET. For more information about Mid-SURE, please visit here.

MSU Educational Technology Summit will be held in the mornings and afternoons from July 25–29. Some highlights include learning how to streamline content delivery, create and edit assignments in D2L, and scale online discussions among students.

Are you looking to build up your regional knowledge and learn to help everyone have a positive experience in the Lansing area? Consider signing up for the Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Program Training on Tuesday, August 9 from 1-5pm. Open to MSU Employees. $20 Enrollment fee required.

Things to Know 

Read about one of the most courageous Spartans out there, Jaime Hutchinson! The Whole-Person Workplace Column: When It Hits Close to Home

Time Management Series: The Pareto Principle Interested in leveling up your time management skills? Read this HR Blog.

Leadership Blog Series: The Value of Meaningful Work Read about recent research focused on the most powerful predictors of retention, performance, engagement, resilience, and inclusion.

Other Fun Information 

Looking for the latest professional development opportunities. Go to ELEVATEU RESOURCES to learn new skills whenever works best for your schedule. You’ll find videos, brief book summaries, self-paced online courses and much more by using this direct link.

It’s summer and the MSU Dairy Store is offering up Extreme Shakes at the new outside Shake Trailer. The Shake Trailer will be open on the weekends all summer long with an array of Extreme Shakes, regular shakes, and scoops. Read more here.

If you have events that I missed, please add them to this shared Google Doc. Be sure to help me fill up each section with anything related to the ELC or our students in terms of upcoming events, things to know, and other fun information. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

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