Dr. Marwa Hafour

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We were fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome a visiting scholar from Egypt to campus this summer: Dr. Marwa Hafour, Assistant Professor, Tanta University, Egypt. She was with us to conduct research with her students in Egypt and our students at MSU. You can read more about her research below as well as here. She recruited many undergraduates as part of her research project on telecollaborative digital media projects.

Faculty and staff from the ELC and Lilac attended a going-away event for Dr. Hafour where she provided everyone with a traditional Egyptian home-cooked meal that all enjoyed. We were very thankful for her time with us, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors once she returns home in December.

Research Overview: Her current study is titled “A/synchronous telecollaborative digital media projects: Promoting English learners’ macro-and micro-level oral proficiency and intercultural competence.” Dr. Hafour is interested in the comparative effect of synchronous and asynchronous telecollaboration (virtual intercultural exchanges) on culturally oriented digital media projects on English learners’ macro-and micro-level oral proficiency and intercultural competence. Her findings will be published in the near future.