English Language Training for Academics

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Specially designed content-based ESL courses that cover higher education topics, culture, and language learning

The Michigan State University English Language Center (ELC) is located in the heart of MSU’s beautiful campus in the safe Midwestern city of East Lansing, Michigan. The ELC was established in 1961 and has been offering English language instruction and customized special programs since that time.

ELC faculty all have Masters degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or related fields, and they have many years of experience in teaching English to students of all ages. The ELC, in collaboration with both on-campus and off-campus partners, has designed
and taught numerous types of special programs over the last fifty plus years.

The English Language Training for Academics program provides participants with both instruction in English for academic settings and a rich cultural experience. Participants will spend 3 to 4 hours per day in the classroom, generally each morning, and then will take part in on and off-campus activities at MSU, in the Lansing area, and in nearby areas, such as Detroit, Lake Michigan, Niagara Falls, and Chicago. Participants will be given opportunities to practice their English with Language and Culture Partners and at MSU’s weekly on-campus coffee hour. They will live in on-campus housing and eat at MSU’s award winning dining halls.

The MSU English Language Center would love to have a chance to create a special program for you!