Integrated English Skills Program

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The Integrated English Skills Program is a four week program. Students in this program will be integrated into the Michigan State University (MSU) English Language Center (ELC) Intensive English Program (IEP) classes with students from several countries and cultures. The IEP focuses on English skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar. Content based learning, which uses all language skills while studying American culture and history, is also included. This focus will help students learn and experience language skills and USA culture.

The program takes place on the beautiful MSU campus in East Lansing, Michigan and is administered by the English Language Center. The ELC has over 50 years of experience working with international students and designing interesting and engaging programs. The ELC faculty design programs that take students to a greater understanding of language and culture by engaging students in the culture and with people in creative and interesting ways.

Students will receive 18 to 20 hours of language and culture instruction each week throughout the program. Students will also participate in field trips to locations of cultural interest, and they will have lots of opportunities to interact with other
students at MSU.