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We are happy to share this translated post from one of the participants in our new program with Kyushu Sangyo University. Thanks for the wonderful message, Kosuke!

Starting this year, the School of International Studies has launched a new study abroad program at the Michigan State University English Language Center in Michigan, USA. This is a short-term intensive language study abroad system where students study at the same center during the local semester (fall semester: 15 weeks), and under this system, the local tuition fees are partially reduced.

Michigan State University is an excellent university ranked in the top 100 universities in the United States and leads the nation in various fields. We have a particularly good reputation for English education, and we accept students and working adults from all over the world who want to intensively study English.

This year, Kosuke Matsuyama (Hitabayashi Technical High School), a third-year student in the Department of International Culture, has been studying locally since August. Currently, the climate in Michigan is mild and fall is said to be the most beautiful season of the year, with the trees turning red.

Mr. Matsuyama says, “I am studying on a vast campus in the United States to improve my English skills while learning about local culture.I am also learning about Japan through living with international students visiting from various countries. I’m doing my best to be able to do my best. There are times when it’s tough, but every day is fulfilling.” Mr. Matsuyama, who says his dream is to internationalize Kyushu’s agriculture in the future, will study there until December, and after returning to Japan, he aims to study abroad in China next year.

Kyushu Sangyo University offers a variety of programs to develop an international mindset, including this new study abroad system. Find a system that suits you as you work toward your future goals.

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