Ofrecemos @ ELC

Ofrecemos Instrucción del idioma Inglés Dominio académico del Inglés Evaluaciones Programas de apoyo profesional para la enseñanza de idiomas English Language Center ha ofrecido clases de idiomas y programación cultural…

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Nós oferecemos @ ELC

Nós oferecemos Instrução de Língua InglesaProficiência em Inglês Acadêmico Testando Programas profissionais de apoio ao ensino de idiomas English Language Center fornece aulas de idiomas e programação cultural desde 1961.…

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We Offer @ ELC

We offer English Language InstructionAcademic English ProficiencyTesting Professional Language Teaching Support Programs The English Language Center has been providing language classes and cultural programming since 1961. We have a qualified,…

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ELC Special Programs

Customized programs for corporations, universities, and governmental bodies from all over the world The Michigan State University English Language Center (ELC) is located in the heart of MSU’s beautiful campus…

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Imamura Fellowship Awardee-AY22-23
Photo by Derrick L. Turner

Imamura Fellowship Awardee-AY22-23

Tony Lizan has been selected to receive the Shigeo/Isako Imamura Graduate Fellowship. Please join us in sending Tony a hearty congratulations on this award. We also wanted to provide some additional information…

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Dr. Marwa Hafour

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome a visiting scholar from Egypt to campus this summer: Dr. Marwa Hafour, Assistant Professor, Tanta University, Egypt. She was with us…

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