ITA Support Courses

Oral Communication for ITAs

This course is designed for ITAs who have not yet passed the MSU Speaking Test and who would benefit from additional oral language instruction, with special emphasis on the development of smooth, fluent speech and the pronunciation of English vowels, consonants, and other global features of pronunciation. 


Language of the American Classroom for ITAs

This course is designed for those ITAs who have not yet passed the MSU Speaking Test and who would benefit from additional practice in the specific language of classroom instruction.


Support for In-Service ITA Teaching

This seminar-style course is designed for ITAs who have already met the university English proficiency requirement for international teaching assistants but who seek additional language and pedagogy support concurrent with their teaching assignment. 

Language Practice Opportunities in ITA Support Courses

The ITA Program also oversees a Pronunciation Instruction Graduate Fellowship Program and an Undergraduate Assistant Program as part of our dedication to providing ITAs with the experience and resources to achieve success.  Students enrolled in AAE 451 and 452 benefit from language practice in these programs by having access to individualized, free tutoring sessions by qualified pronunciation tutors and regular interactions with undergraduate student assistants both in the classroom and outside the classroom.  

To request additional information about ITA support courses offered by the ITA Program, contact the ITA Program Coordinators at

Fall 2024 Course Offerings

ITA support courses begin September 16th and end November 22nd. Please note classes start a few weeks later and end a few week earlier than most MSU classes.

  • AAE 451    Tu Th F    3:00 PM – 4:20 
  • AAE 452    Tu Th F  12:40 PM – 2:00 
  • AAE 453    TBA (day/time to be determined; contact ITA Program Coordinator for details)

Registering for ITA Support Courses

AAE 451 and AAE 452 are ITA support courses designed to help graduate students who have not yet met the university minimum oral proficiency requirement for teaching assistants and who would benefit from additional language instruction.  These courses meet three times per week for ten weeks.  Tuition is calculated at the rate of a 3-credit course and students may use part of their tuition waiver if they have one.  The prerequisite for enrolling in either course is an MSU Speaking Test score of 40 or 45.  Priority in enrollment is given to students who already have TA appointments.

To enroll, eligible students must first make a request through the MSU Speaking Test System online. Prospective students will then be contacted by the ITA Program coordinator with further information and instructions for setting up a meeting to determine which ITA support course best meets their skills and needs. For more specific information on objectives, policies, and registration for AAE 451 and AAE 452, please click on the course numbers above or contact the ITA Program at


  • The Fall 2024 ITAOI will be administered by the ELC Testing Office on November 25th.  Students who successfully pass AAE 451 or 452 are eligible to take this oral proficiency exam.