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International Teaching Assistant Program

We are pleased to announce that the ITA Program will be offering students two pre-service English language course options, beginning in Spring 2018. Providing two courses, each tailored to specific areas of need, allows students to take the course that best addresses their needs and provides more concentrated time to work on areas that demand particular attention. In consultation with the ITA Coordinators, prospective students will be advised on which of the two options best suits their situation.

In Spring 2018, students will continue to register for ENG 097, but the content of the two sections will vary somewhat, with Section 1 focusing more intensely on issues of pronunciation, fluency, and speech acts for successful communication and Section 2 focusing on more general issues of pronunciation (such as rhythm, stress, intonation, etc.) and specific language functions commonly found in the discourse of postsecondary teaching (clarifying, correcting, exemplifying, etc.). In addition, Section 2 will cover in greater depth some of the sociolinguistic considerations affecting student/instructor interactions in English.

Students in both sections will complete the ITAOI at the end of the course and have the opportunity to be cleared for teaching. ENG097 will be open to students if they have a MSU Speaking Test score of 40 or 45. To enroll, students must make a request through the MSU Speaking Test system upon receiving their test score. For any questions about ENG097, please e-mail ITAprogram@elc.msu.edu.

Spring 2018 Course Offerings

ENG 097 Section 1

TThF     3:00 PM – 4:20     A216 Wells Hall

ENG 097 Section 2

TTh     3:00 PM – 4:20     A124 Wells Hall
F         3:00 PM – 4:20     A104 Wells Hall


  • ENG 097 begins meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 and concludes on Friday, April 13, 2018 Spring semester.
  • The Spring 2018 ITAOI will be administered Monday, April 16, 2018.

ENG 097 Eligibility

Students with an MSU Speaking Test score of 45 may take the course.

Students with an MSU Speaking Test score of 40 may be admitted to the course with the permission of the ITA Program coordinators. 


To register, eligible students must first make a request online through the MSU Speaking Test Online System. Prospective students in the course will then be contacted by the ITA Program coordinators with further information and instructions for reserving space in the course.

What happens at the end of the course?

All ENG 097 students take the ITA Oral Interview (ITAOI) at the conclusion of the class as part of the course requirements. Students who receive an ITAOI score of 50 or higher satisfy the English proficiency requirement for teaching assistants and can be cleared for teaching. Students who score below 50 on their first ITAOI may retake this test only once to try to meet the language proficiency requirement for teaching or may retake the MSU Speaking Test. Students who do not complete ENG 097 are not eligible to take the ITAOI.

For questions about ENG 097, contact 
ITA Program Coordinators Alissa Cohen and Laura Ramm

For questions about the MSU Speaking Test or ITAOI, contact 
The ELC Testing Office