ITA Resources for Students and Teachers

Technical Terms

Click through to access lists and audio files of commonly used technical terms for some disciplines.  To practice, read a list of terms while listening to the audio file for the correct pronunciation and then repeat after the speaker. 

Teaching Support

Included is a list of sites that have helpful information when preparing to teach.  Whether compiling your portfolio, attending a workshop, or looking for advice, these sites offer essential tools and information for new teachers.

Language Study

This assembled list of websites provides ITAs in our program with additional resources for independent study. Separated out by subcategory, you’ll find self-study practice activities emphasizing a specific area of pronunciation or a combination of language skills.

Links for Tutors

For fellows or tutors in our program, this convenient list of sites can be used when planning tutoring sessions for our ITAs.  As lesson plan suggestions to target pronunciation or skill areas, these can be used in conjunction with other tutoring support or the ITA language study resources.