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Real-World Writing in ESL Classrooms

April 8, 2017 | Michigan State University 


Concurrent Session Presentations

1:30 - 2:15pm


Dyanne Foskey.jpgSally Thelen.jpgUsing Online Discussion Boards for Reflective Writing in the ESL Classroom 

Sally Thelen & Dyanne Foskey | Western Michigan University

Presentation: [Auditorium, Rm 137]
Online discussion boards can prepare ESL students for their future academic studies and introduce them to the genre of reflective writing. This presentation covers the best practices and steps involved in facilitating an online discussion board. During the session, attendees can participate in an online forum using their handheld devices. Download Handout | Download Presentation Slides



Lizz Alezetes.JPGPlay That Funky Music, Teacher: Writing about Music

Lizz Alezetes | Ball State University

Presentation: [Room 138]
This presentation explores how music can be used for a variety of writing tasks targeting skills that former EAP students report to be most important for their academic success. It covers the benefits of using music for these tasks and includes an interactive demo activity, as well as recommended songs. Presentation Information



Dominic Fonce (3).jpgDennis Yommer.jpgGraphic Language: Using Comics to Promote Real-World English Writing 

Dennis Yommer & Dominic Fonce | Youngstown State University

Presentation: [Room 139]
With Comics continually growing in popular culture, new and interesting methods that unite both text and image in L2 classrooms are on the rise. This hands-on session allows teachers to take the role of a student and experience a lesson that utilizes image texts to address both authentic and formal language use in English writing. Download Handout




Concurrent Session Presentations

2:30 - 3:15pm


Zuzana Tomas website photo.jpgMore than Paraphrasing and Citing: The Real Rhetorical Functions of Referencing 

Zuzana Tomaš | Eastern Michigan University

Presentation: [Auditorium, Room 137]
Recent work in effective source use suggests that it’s important to teach students how references function rhetorically in academic writing, yet there are few teaching materials for doing so. This session introduces the rhetorical functions of referencing and provides academic writing teachers with instructional materials to teach them. Download Handout | Download Presentation Slides



Marlene Beck.jpgJenna Bollinger.jpgCooking Your Way into Writing Comprehension 

Jenna Bollinger, Marlene Beck, & Josie Pickens | Eastern Michigan University

Presentation: [Room 138]
This session explores the importance of using real-life writing within the English Language Learner (ELL) claJosie Pickens.jpgssroom, specifically for daily life tasks and routines. The presenters describe a curriculum project and corresponding lesson plans utilizing real-life writing based content and activities, and share materials co-designed for an MA TESOL course. Download Handout | Download Full Lesson | View Presentation Slides





Sally Hatfield 2.jpgScaffolding Creativity: Fanfiction Writing in the IEP Classroom 

Sally Hatfield | Ohio University

Presentation: [Room 139]
ESL students in writing classes often have good ideas but may deal with cognitive overload in trying to be both imaginative and linguistically accurate. Fanfiction, a form of creative writing based on pre-existing stories, provides a scaffold so that students can focus on developing their ideas and expressing them accurately. Download Handout | Download Presentation Slides