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Poster Session Presentations

1:30 - 2:15pm


Amy Cook.jpgCreating Memes to Explore Academic Honesty

Amy Cook | Bowling Green State University

This poster presentation showcases memes students created for a project about academic honesty. First, the class reviewed academic honesty expectations, focusing specifically on plagiarism. Then, the class discussed the genre of memes. Finally, students created their own memes about academic honesty and shared them with classmates. Download Handout 


Jennifer Brooke.jpgIt Seems You May Need to Learn to Hedge, Possibly 

Jennifer Brooke | Saginaw Valley State University

Want to help your ESL writers improve the way they phrase their arguments? One practical way is by teaching hedges. This poster illustrates the procedure of an EAP lesson plan adapted from Hyland (1996), which is part consciousness-raising activity and part production practice. Full lesson plan handouts available. Download Poster Image | Download Lesson Plan | Download Hedging Activity 


Sarah Cullip.jpgMacalin kayga qaaliga / My dear teacher: Technology in Teaching Refugees 

Sarah Cullip | Grand Valley State University

As the UNHCR records unprecedented numbers of displaced people, the topic of refugee education holds immediate relevance in preparing educators worldwide. This presentation highlights my innovative use of technology in teaching English to a recently resettled Somali refugee family with varying levels of literacy, during a semester-long ESL Teaching Practicum. Download Poster Image 


Laura Ramm.jpgEmpowered and Engaged: EAP Student Writing Choices 

Laura Ramm | Michigan State University

When students make independent choices for writing tasks and draft improvement, writing and language skills become part of their individual experience. This learner-centered poster shows the choices university EAP composition students make and how these apply to their academic and real-world writing tasks. Download Poster Images | Download Handouts


Trisha Dowling.jpgCopy of Zuzana Tomas website photo.jpgConnecting Second Language Writers with Communities: The Role of Academic Service-Learning Pedagogy in Real-World Writing 

Zuzana Tomaš, Trisha Dowling, & Fernanda Carvalho | Eastern Michigan University

Fernanda Carvalho.jpg

Students often view academic writing courses as an arbitrary hoop they have to jump through. Contrary to this view, academic service-learning pedagogy provides writers an opportunity to have a tangible impact on their community and skill development. Presenters share experiences with designing service-learning courses and assignments focused on L2 writing. View Service Learning Project Site