New IAH Course Offered by ELC Faculty – IAH 209

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Andy McCullough is offering a new IAH course in FS20. His course, IAH 209 Advertising: Propaganda, literature, art and entertainment, is an examination of the trends in advertising over the past 200+ years as seen through the lenses of propaganda analysis, social and cultural trends, and the development of communication media.

The course intends to encourage participants to see themselves as active contributors to the socio-cultural discussion of our consumer society, the roles of media in society, and themselves as directors of their own media experience and presentation. To wit, participants will be offered the development and analysis of their own brand as a final project, among other choices. 

Andy McCullough, IAH 209 for FS20

This incredible course will argue that advertising has at times led social change, reflected social change, and lagged behind social change. To do so, the course will survey the history of advertising in the United States and discuss how changes in strategies used by advertisers from the 19th to the 21st centuries reflect changes in US society and culture. It approaches advertisements as written, oral and pictorial texts that indicate cultural attitudes and norms of their time that can be understood through textual analysis. The portrayal of sex roles, gender identity, racial identity and political and social attitudes will be a focus throughout the course.