Congratulations on Outstanding Teaching!

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We are pleased to share the following announcement!

The Fintz Awards committee is pleased to honor Carol Wilson-Duffy, Carol Arnold, and Leah Addis for their outstanding teaching of IAH 231A Sec. 732, Human Values in the Arts and Humanities. Their innovative, co-developed course, “Global Fact Hunters: Testing our knowledge of the world & exploring our unconscious biases,” which they taught asynchronously online in separate sections, examines how we understand our world and explores our unconscious biases. It considers what is inaccurate or incomplete in our worldview, what voices and perspectives we miss, and what histories we have forgotten or that have been silenced. Through project-based assignments, such as personal reflections, collaborative curation, and creative communication, students think critically about representations in the arts and media, as well as how the creative arts clarify and communicate important truths. Students agreed that the clear organization of the course, as well as the consideration and encouragement of the instructors, made learning enjoyable and facilitated an expansion of their critical thought and appreciation of the role of the arts and humanities in our lives.

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We are so proud of our inspiring faculty and their pedagogical achievements.

For more information about this amazing course, visit this post from a few semesters ago.

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