General Information

Application Fee

The application fee of $150 U.S. dollars is charged for all arrangements and shall not under any circumstances be refundable. This fee includes a $50 course fee.

No-Show or Withdrawal from the Language Course

Should the course participant fail to show up for the language course once it has begun or withdraw from the course, he/she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement of payments already effected.

Deferred Enrollment

Please note: Any submitted application can only be deferred for one semester 
(4 months). After one semester, you must submit a new application and financial statement.

Financial Guarantee Letters

If a Financial Guarantee letter from the sponsor is not submitted with a sponsored student application, the student applicant must pay the tuition and fees according to ELC Intensive English Program application procedures.  When the government sponsorship is obtained by the student on or before the Thursday of the last day of classes, the ELC will cooperate fully in making sure the student receives the applicable refund and will bill the sponsor for tuition accordingly.  Sponsorship guarantee received after the last day of classes cannot be applied to that semester, and the ELC will not be able to initiate a refund for the completed semester.

Future Admission to Michigan State University

While the English Language Center is located on the campus of Michigan State University, admission to the ELC is in no way related to admission to Michigan State University and does not indicate or imply any future admission to Michigan State University.

 Dates # of Weeks Tuition Only *No HousingIncluded Housing/Single Room(Owen Hall) Housing/Double (shared)Room MSU Int. Sponsored Student Fee
May 13 to Aug. 8136,6503,9554,459350
Aug. 23 to Dec. 6158,2554,5955,425350
Jan. 3 to April 24168,2554,5955,425350

Housing: Single Room

Single room accommodation in Owen Graduate Center. Two rooms share a bathroom. Single housing in Owen Hall includes the DineOn Owen Plan, which includes the following:

Summer Semester: $240 credit toward food purchases at Riverwalk Market at Owen Hall, MSU Union Food Court and Sparty’s. It also includes 60 residence hall meals.

Fall and Spring Semester: $300 credit toward food purchases at Riverwalk Market at Owen Hall, MSU Union Food Court and Sparty’s. It also includes 75 residence hall meals. 

Housing: Double Room

Double room university accommodation in a campus residence hall. Shower/WC on same floor. This includes the Silver Meal Plan, which is an unlimited meal plan, and allows students to have as many meals as they like from 7:00 a.m. until late night 7 days a week. 

*Housing rates are based on rates for the 2018-2019 school year. They are normally updated in late spring or early summer. Please check with the ELC to confirm rates.

Insurance Information

Dates of insurance coverage
Continuing students: August 15-December 31; January 1-May 15; and May 16-August 14
New summer students: May 1-August 14

*Students are required to purchase health insurance and can do so at:

If you have questions, please contact the ELC at

*Note that if you need insurance beyond these dates you must apply for and purchase a plan separately. The cost is between $5.00 and $6.00 per day. Contact the ELC for more information.

2019/2020 Holidays-University Closed: May 27, July 4, Nov. 28 & 29, Dec. 24 & 25, Dec. 31,& January 1, May 25 and July 4. 

*Includes a one week mid-term break from March 2 to March 6, 2020.

The contracting party notes that the ELC is closed on public holidays, and that no claims against the ELC shall accrue in his or her favor as a result.

Note that these prices do not include health insurance. Students are responsible to obtain their own insurance, or pay an additional amount to the ELC for BCN student insurance.

Application Requirements