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Who is this program for?

Students with regular or provisional admission to MSU or another U.S. university or with permission of the Michigan State University English Language Center.

What is this program like?

  • It is designed for academically bound undergraduate and graduate level students.
  • It helps students who may have concerns about studying in the USA.
  • It includes the following topics: Integrating into Campus Life, Classroom Culture, Understanding Spoken English, Written Communication, Oral Presentations, and Campus and Community Resources.

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Course Description

*This course does not apply towards eliminating 'Provisional' Admission Status at MSU.


Program Details

Dates: Monday, July 29- Friday, August 16, 2019 (75 hours of classes)

Applications due by 7/15/2019.

Costs: $1,600 (Includes tuition, mandatory insurance, and fees) Books and housing are not included.

Housing: You may arrange on-campus housing at Owen Hall through us. The cost will be approximately $40 per day, which includes a single room with a shared bath. The cost of housing will be billed directly to you through your MSU account. Availability is limited, so please request assistance with housing as early as possible. 

See flyer for more details and student comments

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Student Testimonials

Graduate student, 2016

I didn’t feel ready for my study in the U.S. and PAL helped me with understanding the culture, MSU, the resources, and the proper way to communicate with professors or colleagues. Thanks to the program, I could be more versatile or resilient academically and socially. I like MSU and feel a sense of belonging about MSU because of the program.

Undergraduate student, 2016

The best part of the program was that I was comfortable with many aspects of MSU, while my other friends struggled amidst chaos during move-in, orientation, and fall semester. PAL made me aware of various resources on campus, and it reminds me of the class whenever I use them.

Undergraduate student, 2014

PAL made me connect with Michigan State life. It made me feel more confident and prepare to start the school year. We were able to learn more about the resources the university offers, which was a really important thing for me as an international student. During the course I was also able to meet friends that I carry by my side until today.

Undergraduate student, 2014

PAL is a place where we can be ourselves, while also getting out of our comfort zone and reaching an objective of using our second language. PAL creates a safe atmosphere to bond with others.I felt understood at all times in that classroom. I got wiser, stronger, more confident, and, hopefully, as advised, I can let my light shine through. I felt like I had the full American experience to the best of its extent.


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No-Show or Withdrawal from PAL

Should the course participant fail to show up for the language course once it has begun or withdraw from the course, he/she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement of payments already effected.



If you have questions about PAL, please contact External Programs Coordinator Mark Albee at malbee@msu.edu